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To further the development and training of both horse and rider, clinics can be a fabulous way of interacting with others of a similar ability. Riding in a group not only helps with the education of the “riding” partnership, but  is a fun way of creating social interaction and a shared way of learning.

Throughout the summer I hold various sessions for both flatwork and jumping,  creating themes linked with improving your dressage score, working with poles, grid-work and riding a course of jumps.

All ages and abilities are catered for. Children’s Fun Days assist with learning control and balance and are linked with themes such as Treasure Hunts and Team Games to make the day more enjoyable. For adults, Combined Training” days are very popular where you will receive advice for gaining better scores and results. Other days include video analysis sessions for either jumping or flat work - you can then immediately view the recording and after some discussion and advice improve your performance during the following ride.

 I utilise my training field at Bozeat as much as I can in the summer as I believe working on well prepared grass is very important - I believe riding only on a “surface” does not prepare you and your horse for those competitions on turf !  However, I also organise clinics at other venues throughout the year to create variety and allow riders to become accustomed to different venues.

If you would like to receive information about the clinics I run please email me and I will include you on the email list. Or if you would like to organise a training group at your yard or would like to know more about my group training, please contact me or look at the “what’s on” link.