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The BHS Riding and Road Safety Training & Test

To keep safe when riding on today’s busy rooads, we must keep our wits about us. It is so easy to make assumptions regarding car drivers and other road users that could endanger us and our horse, not to mention the other people we may be hacking out with.

The British Horse Society Riding and Road Safety course highlights the Highway Code requirements, helping to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding of how to navigate junctions, hazards and other circumstances that could affect your safety when out on the roads and highways.

There is an additional exam if you  wish to take it which is taken by more than 4,000 people a year, helping to educate riders in road safety to minimise the risk of being involved in an incident when riding on the roads.

As both an accredited BHS Riding and Road Safety Trainer and Examiner, I offer courses to either help you become more aware of safety on the roads in the form of a lecture demo and if applicable you can practice riding simulated junctions etc on your horse in a controlled environment. Or I can offer the full training to prepare you for the official BHS Riding and Road Safety Exam. The Riding & Road Safety certificate is a prerequisite for anyone considering taking their BHS Stage 2 exam.

The test is available to all riders from 12 years of age and you do not have to be a BHS member to either train or take the exam. The exam is also supported by the Department for Transport and is the only test that any rider could undertake that has the potential to save not only their own life but that of their horse and other road users as well.

It is not essential to own a horse in order to take the test as many riding schools and centres offer horse hire for the occasion. Please contact me for further information regarding courses, tests and training for the Riding and Road Safety or visit the BHS Website www.bhs.org.uk

Email: info@hobbyhorsetraining.co.uk