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The BHS Horse Owner’s Certificate

Owning or caring for a horse or pony can be a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime, but it carries with it a lot of responsibility, hard work and financial expenditure. It is a commitment which should not be taken lightly.

I offer friendly and relaxed training courses for the BHS Horse Owners Certificates for private or small groups.  There are four different certificates with regards to the fundamentals of owning or caring for a horse or pony, aimed not only at the first time owner, but also anyone wishing to expand their equine knowledge. Often the parents of younger children will take the course so that they might offer guidance to their child with equine care. Of course there are a lot of people who take the course just for fun. These are theory-based courses covering a full range of topics regarding knowledge of the healthy horse, when to call the vet, principals of feeding, watering, shoeing, the structure of the foot, fitting of tack, aliments and general safety around the yard and horses. There are 4 levels of certificate and courses, each level becoming more advanced, you can work through them sequentially or just undertake one. Owners who have already have some knowledge of equine care may elect to skip the earlier courses. I offer courses throughout the year as they are classroom based and they are especially popular as an ideal way of training in the winter months. For a full outline of the syllabus visit www.bhs.org.uk.

All the Horse Owners courses and workshops offer the option to undertake the written assessment paper at the end of each section to gain the official BHS certificate, however this is optional. You do not have to be a subscribed BHS member to participate in the courses or undertake the exam. I operate as the adjudicator for the final test, with the exam papers then being sent to the British Horse Society Head Office at Stoneleigh for scrutiny. To gain a pass 60% must be achieved, this is then logged and a  certificate of merit will be issued by the BHS.

For further details of pricing of the courses and dates, please contact me directly. Email: info@hobbyhorsetraining.co.uk

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